🌟 Innovative Financial Analyst & Data Enthusiast

From the nuances of VB and C# to the elegance of Python and Rust, my self-taught journey through the tech world has equipped me to delve deep into data. With hands-on experience in MySQL and SQLServer, coupled with proficiency in industry-leading tools like Visual Studio and SSMS, I’ve mastered the art of transforming numbers into narratives.

💼 Industry Insider

Years in the financial sector have honed my analytical skills, enabling me to uncover hidden insights and drive decisions.

🛠 Tech-Savvy Self Learner

From Vb 6.0, Vb.net, C# to Rust-lang and Python, my coding journey is self-made. I’ve navigated complex databases like MySQL and SQLServer with ease, making data analytics my playground.

🌐 IDEs

Visual Studio, SSMS, and IntelliJ Ideas are my battlegrounds, ensuring precision, efficiency, and innovation in every project. High level expertise in Microsoft Excel and Pandas to tell the story about the data.

💡 Data Storyteller

Passionate about revealing the untold stories hidden within data. Each number has a tale, and I’m here to narrate it.